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Improving User Support in the dYdX Ecosystem

User Support

In today’s rapidly evolving world of DeFi, dYdX Foundation recognizes the importance of exceptional user support. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a user support solution for dYdX protocol users, comparable to many leading centralized crypto exchanges. Providing exceptional support aligns with dYdX Foundation’s mission to democratize access to financial opportunity. We are committed to educating users about the dYdX ecosystem and ensuring that dYdX users have a positive experience. 

We are confident that implementing a revamped user-focused help center will result in a better user experience for dYdX traders. Increasing the scope of user support is a direct response to dYdX community feedback and will hopefully increase user satisfaction. 

To bootstrap industry-leading support, we have partnered with ACX, a leading service provider, to address any queries or issues protocol users may have. Additionally, we are investing in new tools and technology to make it more accessible for users to seek assistance whenever needed.

Users of the dYdX protocol will benefit from the following improvements: 

  1. Improved response times: 3 FTEs who are experienced, crypto-native professionals will aim to assist within 1-2 hours of opening a ticket,

  2. Greater speed and efficiency with the resolution of issues through live chat and person-operated ticketing system,

  3. One dedicated user support channel, termed ‘help-desk,’ through the dYdX exchange

  4. A quarterly community-facing report for the broader dYdX ecosystem, and

  5. A focus initially on English and Turkish-speaking languages, with more to come over the coming months.

You can contact the support team through the dYdX website via the online ticketing system and live chat. In addition, a wide range of self-help resources, such as FAQs, user guides, and educational videos, are also available at the help center and the dYdX Academy

Thank you to the community who submitted feedback on user support.

Legitimacy & disclaimer

dYdX Foundation’s purpose is to support and grow every aspect, technical or otherwise, of the current implementation and all future implementations of the dYdX protocol and to foster community-led growth in the dYdX ecosystem. 

Nothing in this post should be used or considered as legal, financial, tax, or any other advice, nor as an instruction or invitation to act by anyone. The dYdX community is sovereign to make decisions freely from time to time, in accordance with the governance rules, principles, and mechanisms adopted by the dYdX DAO. Community discussion and interaction on the contents of this post are encouraged. The dYdX Foundation does not directly participate in governance decisions to be made by the dYdX community, including, without limitation, by making and/or voting on governance proposals. The dYdX Foundation may change or complement its analysis or opinions expressed in this post in the future and assumes no obligation to publicly disclose any such change. This post is solely based on the information available to the dYdX Foundation at the time it is made and should only be read and taken into consideration at the time it is made and on the basis of the circumstances that surround it.