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Meet the Delegates Ep 1

Meet the Delegates Ep 1

The new “Meet the Delegates'' series by the governance ambassadors helps the dYdX community to get to know their delegates! The first episode features an introduction to AX07 and Alucard, both of whom are Endorsed Delegates for the dYdX community.

What is delegation?

As the dYdX protocol moves towards full decentralization (read the V4 announcement here and the announcement of the dYdX Chain here), delegates are needed to help ensure community-led growth, development, and the self-sustainability of the dYdX protocol. 

Delegation provides an opportunity for more community members to get involved with governance, and when you delegate the voting power of your tokens, you retain 100% ownership of the token itself. There are no changes to the way you use or hold the token. You can choose anyone who you believe will participate in dYdX governance and can represent what you want this ecosystem to become.

Currently, DYDX and stkDYDX holders have control over market listings, capital allocations to market makers, allocation of the community treasury, and much more (see the full list of governance parameters here). Community-controlled governance parameters will increase in the future, and competent delegates are essential to push the dYdX protocol forward. 

If you hold DYDX and/or stkDYDX but have no time to review proposals, or you don't have enough information about potential delegates, consider delegating the proposing power and/or voting power of your tokens to an Endorsed Delegate to support decentralization and better decision-making on the dYdX protocol. You can review the Endorsed Delegate's profiles and pitches here and delegate voting power and prosing power here.

In the first episode of this series, the governance ambassadors had 2 Endorsed Delegates, AX07 and Alucard, present a background of themselves and answer questions from the community.

The discussion was moderated by NTInc.


  • Commonwealth name: @AX07

  • Discord ID: @AX07#8183

  • Twitter handle: @CryptoAX07

AX07, a long time dYdX community member, shared his background in crypto, how he started his first investment in Bitcoin back in 2017, his experience with dYdX in the early days, and how he got to being an Endorsed Delegate for the dYdX community today. 

AX07's main skills as an Endorsed Delegate are:

  • He speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

  • Well-versed in tokenomics.

  • He wants to be a delegate of dYdX because he is an active trader that used to trade on centralized exchanges, and quickly found out about its disadvantages. 

  • He believes that dYdX is the best perpetual contract exchange and wants to be a part of its growth and governance. 

  • He is passionate about explaining and discussing governance proposals and issues in the forums and discord. He believes that delegation is a key point in a DAO to combat whale addresses from dominating vote counts. 

His values are that he always wants the best for dYdX and token holders, and if there is a matter that compromises those values, he will strongly voice against them in the most ethical way by hearing from the community.


  • Commonwealth name: Alucard.eth

  • Discord ID: Alucard#9079

  • Twitter handle: @Alucard_eth

Alucard is a dYdX Community manager, as well as an Ambassador for the Onboarding and Education burrow. He is an engineer by profession and has worked in the aerospace industry for a few years. In 2015, Alucard started getting involved in crypto-trading and started researching more about the crypto and blockchain industry. He is the creator of ultrasoundfinance.com, a website that hosts free educational courses to onboard people onto their crypto and DeFi journeys.

Alucard’s main skills as an Endorsed Delegate are:

  • He is working as a dYdX Community Manager and also he’s an Ambassador in the User Onboarding & Education Burrow.

  • Daily discord community engagement, hosting and participating in AMAs, and Hedgies event planning (www.dYdXhedgies.info).

  • Created and handled all actions for distribution of dYdX POAPs (www.dYdXpoap.info).

  • Aggregation of community educational content (www.dYdXacademy.info).

  • Various contributions to the development of the ambassador program including NFT smart contract deployment and pushing towards decentralization in the program (www.dYdXdao.info).

In addition to going through all the resources and websites listed, Alucard also shared the dYdX Endorsed Delegate Course, a 4-chaptered course that covers governance in dYdX, the basics of voting and delegating, and the process of becoming an Endorsed Delegate.