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Meet the Delegates Ep 2

Meet the Delegates Ep 2

The new “Meet the Delegates'' series by the governance ambassadors helps the dYdX community to get to know their delegates! Following up on the first episode on featuring Alucard and AX07, we have Moe_L for this episode, who is an Endorsed Delegate for the dYdX community!

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the discord recording, so this blog will run through an introduction to Moe_L, his background, and his involvement in the dYdX community.

What is delegation?

As the dYdX protocol moves towards full decentralization (read the V4 announcement here and the announcement of the dYdX Chain here), delegates are needed to help ensure community-led growth, development, and the self-sustainability of the dYdX protocol. 

Delegation provides an opportunity for more community members to get involved with governance, and when you delegate the voting power of your tokens, you retain 100% ownership of the token itself. There are no changes to the way you use or hold the token. You can choose anyone who you believe will participate in dYdX governance and can represent what you want this ecosystem to become.

Currently, DYDX and stkDYDX holders have control over market listings, capital allocations to market makers, allocation of the community treasury, and much more (see the full list of governance parameters here). Community-controlled governance parameters will increase in the future, and competent delegates are essential to push the dYdX protocol forward. 

If you hold DYDX and/or stkDYDX but have no time to review proposals, or you don't have enough information about potential delegates, consider delegating the proposing power and/or voting power of your tokens to an Endorsed Delegate to support decentralization and better decision-making on the dYdX protocol. You can review the Endorsed Delegate's profiles and pitches here and delegate voting power and prosing power here.

In the second episode of this series, the governance ambassadors had Moe_L present a background of himself and answer questions from the community.

The discussion was moderated by NTInc.


  • Commonwealth name: Moe_L

  • Discord ID: @Moe_Lester#4361

  • Twitter handle: @Trademoe

Moe_L is a long-time dYdX community member, and he shared his background in crypto, his experience with dYdX in the early days, and how he got to be an Endorsed Delegate for the dYdX community. Moe_L has a background in TradFi onboarding, sales, and operations.

Moe_L is also an active trader, is a key advocate and proponent for decentralization, and takes part in the governance of the dYdX protocol.

Moe_L's main skills as an Endorsed Delegate are:

  • Daily discord community engagement

  • Participate in AMAs and Hedgies community events

  • Active bounty contributor

  • Active contributor towards learning spaces (see strategy ideas channel on Discord as an example)

  • Various contributions to product feedback, community engagement campaigns and technical development suggestions

  • Speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Quotes from Moe_L's endorsed delegate profile:

  • The future is in decentralization. The biggest issue for me in the DAO/ Governance is the centralization of voting power in the protocol to just a few “whallets”. Instead of the current Feudal-like system, there should be a Democracy that decides for the DAO.

  • I will keep my efforts on raising awareness of governance democratization and keep contributing to different proposals and threads. Be it governance, onboarding, or/and providing platform feedback, I'll keep myself engaged.